IT Security: Protect your Business from Cyber Attacks

Cybersecurity threats are on the rise and are becoming more costly for businesses to recover from a data breach. Hackers and scammers are sending more malicious emails with hopes someone will click on an unsafe link or attachment, in turn, opening the door for the hacker to cause damage and steal information.

Many companies do not take the time to train their employees to be more aware of threats to IT security and to recognize a potential security risk when they see one. The thing is, having a well-trained staff, who are armed with knowledge, can be a big part of an effective security solution.

GoTech IT Solutions offers KnowBe4 Training to help you manage the IT security problems of social engineering, spear phishing and ransomware attacks. The average Phish-prone percentage across the overall industry is 27%. With this training program, the Phish-prone percentage can be dropped to on average of 2.71% in just 12 months.


Security Awareness Training Features

Content library: Get access to 500+ training classes. Email reminders are automated to go out to your team to increase participation.

Phish your users: Get hands-on experience with simulated phishing attacks, all customized to your employees and industry.

Security Tool: With one click, the phish alert button feature gives your users a safe way to forward email threats to your IT security team. It also deletes the email from the user’s inbox to prevent future exposure.


Ramp Up Your IT Security

The main goal of security education is to modify a group’s behavior so they don’t fall victim to social engineering, which is the manipulation or deceiving someone to take action that isn’t in their personal or organization’s best interest. The most common example that we see in offices today are through email. Here are some basic email best practices to implement right away.

Email Security Best Practices


  • Verify the sender in the “from” field.
  • Report all suspicious emails to your IT security team.
  • Know that and are different. The second url listed is often used for scams.
  • Be careful opening attachments. Files named ‘safe.txt.exe’ are often used in scams and are not safe to open.


  • Open email attachments that end with: .exe, .scr, .bat, .com, or other file extensions you do not recognize
  • “Unsubscribe” —it is too risky to click on any links within an unsecure email. Deleting is a better option.
  • Click on embedded links in messages without checking the URL first. Hover over the link to see the URL before clicking.
  • Respond or reply to spam.


GoTech IT Solutions specializes in comprehensive IT security and training. Get a complete security assessment that will test not only outside attacks but also targeted emails and phishing attacks sent to users directly. Train your employees with real-life examples so they will know how to properly handle suspicious activity. You’ll also receive regular reports on the state of your systems, letting you know of any potential problems or threats.