Dental Offices In The Milwaukee Area With 5-25 Employees Looking For Highly Responsive And Predictable Computer Support, IT And Cybersecurity Services You Can Count On

This Describes You:

  • You are a dental office with 5-25 employees in Milwaukee, Waukesha, or Washington county.
  • You are a forward-thinking owner or office manager who understands your duty to protect confidential client information saved on your computer.
  • You have a mobile workforce who needs SECURE and RELIABLE access to company data and emails while mobile.
  • You need to adhere to HIPAA regulations and be able to report on and prove the protections you have in place.
  • A data breach of your client’s information, or ransomware attack, would be catastrophic to your business and your reputation.
  • You’re a small dental office owner of company in the Milwaukee area who is frustrated with constant computer problems, and you're looking for proper cybersecurity services to protect your client’s private information on your computers.
  • You're concerned that your current IT provider doesn’t have a handle on things, they do not follow through on deadlines and take forever to call you back. Ask yourself, have they even spoken to you about a proper cybersecurity stack to protect YOU and your clients?



  • As a small business and medical provider, your clients expect that you're taking all necessary precautions to protect their data from cybercriminals.
  • If a cybercriminal were to breach your systems and gain access to your client’s private data, this likely would be a business ending catastrophe.
  • Everyday hundreds of local companies are breached or ransomed, many of which are in the professional services industry.
  • Many of your competitors are not taking proper precautions, it’s only a matter of time before they are breached or ransomed.
  • Many of your competitors are one mistake click away from ransomware or a serious data breach that can put them out of business permanently.
  • Many of these companies mistakenly think they are protected by their antivirus and firewall alone - this is NOT cybersecurity services.
  • Don’t be one of these sitting ducks. Invest in your technology, invest in your people and GROW your business.

Here Are Some Locations We Serve

  • Milwaukee
  • West Allis
  • Franklin
  • Greenfield
  • Shorewood
  • Oak Creek
  • Brookfield
  • Waukesha
  • Hales Corners
  • Germanton
  • Hartford
  • Menomonee Falls