Update from GoTech on COVID-19 and Remote Access for Employees

Many of our clients have been asking about remote access and VPN options for employees that may need to work from home due to the increased risk of COVID-19. Most of our clients have the technology available to allow remote access and VPN connections to their networks, but I would like to add some recommended best practices to make sure we keep your environment safe and secure.

If your company has laptops or devices that are managed by GoTech (the device has Sophos AV, GoTech Management Agent and Sophos VPN installed), then those devices may be safely used to connect to the company VPN and access resources.

We highly recommend that any device connecting via a VPN connection to your company network is managed and secured by us. We have solutions that can temporarily secure and allow VPN connections from an employee’s home computer. Here are a basic set of minimum requirements for a Windows computer to connect to the corporate network via a VPN connection:

  1. Windows 10 running 1809 or higher with all patches installed
  2. Current and active anti-virus program and anti-malware program
  3. Verification that the computer is clean of viruses and malware

We can assist with getting your employees home computer secured and properly setup to allow VPN access from home. There are other options that can be implemented to allow remote control of a user’s office PC from home as well, this would allow employees to use their home PCs to connect to their office PCs without the need for a VPN connection. Again, please reach out to us and we can discuss the options available and provide you with the best and most cost-effective solution.

GoTech will work with all our clients to ensure that you can continue to operate your business whether it is from work or home. We ask that you please reach out and allow us to assist with setting up the proper security and programs to make this work. Without proper security in place, allowing unprotected home devices to connect to your network could easily introduce viruses, malware and ransomware into your environment.

Please feel free to respond to this email with any questions or concerns. We can also be reached at support@gotechits.com or by calling us at 855-563-1878.

Chris Gotstein
President GoTech