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Industries Served

Small Business IT Support

GoTech IT provides a complete suite of small business IT support and full service managed IT for medium-sized businesses.  We understand that technology is the cornerstone of all businesses today, and our support will provide you the assurance that your business technology will be reliable.


The use of IT in agriculture has grown rapidly in the past few years.  A lack of information at the proper time can cause a huge loss to a farmer.  With experience setting up wide-area wireless networks in harsh and outdoor environments, we can connect your remote locations and help monitor your operations.  Let GoTech show you how Technology can help you make better decisions managing your agribusiness.


The construction industry is one of the most information-intensive industries, as a major construction project requires an extensive exchange of data and information between the job participants on a regular basis. We know that getting data from the field and back to the main office is essential for accurate and efficient operations.  GoTech has the technological know-how to support even the biggest projects in the most remote of locations.

K-12 Education

At GoTech, our roots are in education, we have over 2 decades of servicing K-12 institutions with reliable and cost effective solutions.  Our education clients need to focus on what is really important – educating and preparing our children to be responsible adult citizens.  We work with staff and administrators to deploy impactful technology solutions all across the K-12 educational spectrum, along with providing insight on technology planning and on-going budget reviews.


The landscape of the healthcare industry seems to be changing daily at a breakneck speed.  GoTech can provide your organization with the technology needed to stay organized and keep up to date.  We work with many independent medical professionals to keep their small business up and running, along with making sure their data is secure and compliant.

Manufacturing & Distribution

At GoTech, we have worked with several manufacturing and distribution clients to cost-effectively incorporate technology solutions to improve operations and ensure their competitive edge.  From providing the right technology to hold up in harsh environments to assisting with ERP and shop floor software solutions, we will work to keep your operation lean and efficient.  Our technicians also have experience in supporting PLC hardware and software to keep your machines monitored and running properly.


Some municipalities have been quick to adopt to new technology, while others have been slow to embrace any automation tools.  Regardless of how far down the technology road a municipality has traveled, GoTech can help.  We have implemented cost-effective solutions that can meet the needs of tight budgets of today’s local governments while working with staff members and elected officials.  Our knowledge of SCADA and the various utilities local governments might have allow us to provide support for all your operations and departments.

Non-Profit Organizations

At GoTech, we understand the budget limitations many non-profit organizations face.  Our goal is to help our non-profit clients focus on their mission, not on their technology.  Our work with churches, local charities, service organizations and other non-profits means we understand the unique needs non-profits have.  We provide solutions that are cost-effective and reliable leaving you to focus on serving communities and not worrying about technology.

Professional Services

Professional Service firms are experts in their chosen field of business.  GoTech has partnered with many Professional Service firms helping them successfully leverage technology to stay ahead of the competition.  Being a small service business ourselves, we understand what it takes to maintain that competitive edge with technology, but doing it in a well planned and budgeted manner.  We will work with your business, whether you have 2 computers or 50, to make sure you are supported now and for the future.