How VoIP Solutions Will Change Your Business


Having a reliable and easy to use telecommunication system is crucial for every business owner. Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) systems are the best choice in today’s internet-driven society to stay connected to your clients and business partners. It’s a technology that enables you to make voice calls using a broadband internet connection instead of a regular—or analog—phone line.

Business VoIP is a growing technology that is being used world-wide. GoTech has integrated VoIP telephone systems for a variety of different businesses and we’ve seen some major benefits! VoIP Solutions increase productivity, make communication easier and reduce costs.


How VoIP Solutions Will Change Your Business


Low cost

No matter who you’re calling, whether it’s to someone down the street or on the other side of the world, VoIP makes the cost per call very low. Traditional phone calls take up communication lines which make calling expensive, especially long-distance calls.


VoIP is available anywhere you have a broadband internet connection, making it a convenient solution for businesses on the go. Simply login to your phone, get a dial tone and make calls while you are traveling. Neither you or your caller will notice a different in quality. VoIP telephone systems are also available through your email.


You never have to worry about local power outages or weather-related issues that shut down phone lines. With VoIP, you can make phone calls using your cell phone or laptop so you never lose out on productivity.


A major benefit to VoIP phone solutions is the ability to conduct conference calls and even video conferencing. This system makes it easy to stay in touch with your team and with clients without needing to integrate a second piece of communication software. Other features to VoIP are simple message forwarding, e-fax and voice to text options.

Optimized interaction 

Many businesses have clients and partners located around the world. VoIP phone systems make communication a breeze and also saves time on travel. A VoIP solution allows you to choose where your calls ring—meaning you can send calls to your office phone first, then mobile device, then laptop so you never miss a call.


GoTech IT Solutions is a local IT consulting firm offering full-service support for businesses in Southeastern Wisconsin, Eastern Wisconsin, and the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. We offer VoIP phone services through AllWorx, a powerful telephone solution and business phone system all customized for your needs. We also offer support for your existing VoIP phone systems such as Cisco and other major vendors. Our technicians have the experience to manage and maintain your existing VoIP system or help you upgrade to a more advanced technology in the future.